3 Bar Superstar

Web app · UI · Front-end

A mobile web app for an Adidas & JD Sports competition where entrants could drop their own 3 bars over rapper Kano's 'Pan Fried' track.

There was a practice round and a final camera recording session, alongside the possibility of creating customized posters with user's pictures.

3 bar superstar webapp design
Welcome screen design
Webapp practice round design 01
Webapp practice round design 02
3 bar superstar app design recording session 01
3 bar superstar app design recording session 02
Poster design screen
Poster design colour selection screen
Recording booth

Aviator Broadway

Interactive installation · UI · Front-end

An interactive installation in New York's JFK airport to promote the Aadvantage Aviator Mastercard.

Based on a Broadway theme, it allows people to place filters on their faces and take a short video or a picture of themselves.

I worked on the interface design and the front end development of the web app.

Aviator Broadway installation at JFK airport
Shot of the witch filte
Lightning effect
Aviator Broadway installation build


Mobile app · UI · Unity

A mobile AR app that allowed the user to scan Domino's ads, placing a better PizzaHut deal on top of them. I worked on the design and development of the app using Unity.

It caused some waves on the advertising world and got the company a 'Cease and desist' letter from Domino's.

PizzaHut Deal Jacker ad
PizzaHut Deal Jacker app screens 1
PizzaHut Deal Jacker app screens 2


Prototype · UI · Front-end

Prototype for an app to analyse the impact of climate change in different business sectors, asking a few questions and generating an impact report based on them.

I designed it with a minimalist vertically tabbed interface and developed the web prototype.

Futureset prototype, sector
Futureset prototype, exposure
Futureset prototype, charts

Iris Worldwide

Website · UI design

A complete design overhaul of the Iris Worldwide agency website.

The old site was no longer representative of the company as the Iris brand had changed. I was in charge of designing a new one from scratch, more in line with the new identity.

Homepage design
Mobile homepage design
Mobile menu design UI
Work list web design
Work details web design
Find us web design


Prototype · UI · Origami Studio

A prototype for TetraPak designed as a commercial tool to showcase what could be done with their QR technology. Each product would contain a QR in the lid, allowing consumers to scan it, unlock characters and play AR games in the app.

We decided to go with Origami Studio to create the prototype as it allows the use of the phone camera, has the ability to embed videos and create more complex animations than other prototyping software.

Splash screen design
Design onboarding screen 1
Design onboarding screen 2
Design onboarding screen 3
Scan qr screen design
Character unlock screen design
Characters list app screen design
UI design character details


Mobile videogame · Unity

An abstract videogame based on the classic arcades from the 80s/90s.

Dragging your finger on the screen controls a constantly moving ball. The objective is to survive through different rooms, avoiding traps and enemies and getting points and power-ups.

I designed and developed it in Unity as a final project for university.

Kaput game design screenshot 1
Kaput game design screenshot 2
Kaput game design screenshot 3
Kaput game design screenshot 4
Kaput final project dossier
Kaput final project dossier

Quiz Race

Interactive installation · UI · Front-end

This installation for Shell is a modified scalextric, played using two mobile phones.

Players are presented a series of questions about Shell. If they answer correctly they get a boost and if not they slow down for a bit. The faster they answer the right question, the bigger amount of boost they will get.

I worked on the UX/UI and development of the web app and the main screen showing race data and highscores.

Quiz Race closeup phone home screen
Quiz Race closeup phone questions screen
Quiz Race app design init
Quiz Race app design new driver
Quiz Race app design waiting
Quiz Race app design versus
Quiz Race UI design quiz
Quiz Race UI design answer
Quiz Race scalextric top view
Quiz Race scalextric closeup

Symphony of Light

Interactive installation · Adobe Flex

An interactive game projected onto a building during Illuminate Bath festival.

Each time someone stepped in one of the 5 mats a musical note of the pentatonic scale was played, one of the windows lit up and abstract shapes came out of it. The goal was to fill the lower windows with shapes.

I worked on the design and coding with support from Bath Spa University.

Symphony of Light installation next to the Abbey
Timelapse animation of Symphony of Light installation
View of square where Symphony of Light was projected


Mobile app · Website · UI

An app designed to provide travel insurance and support while on the go.

I worked on the UI design of the app and the web versions. Also designed and refined a series of icons used in different places.

Wapp app design dashboard 01
Wapp app design dashboard 02
Wapp UI design profile
Wapp UI design help screen
Wapp off trip dashboard app design
Wapp off trip add travelers app design
Wapp web design dashboard
Wapp icon design