Samsung Backstage Platform redesign

UX/UI design

Login page design

Samsung Backstage is an e-learning platform for retail partners, helping them to get all the information they need when selling Samsung phones.

During my time at Iris Worldwide I worked on the platform in several ways; designing interactive experiences for it, creating content images or laying out product pages.

I led the design of a new proposal to take the platform further, replacing the outdated version.

The designs take into consideration the vast amount of information available, focusing on the content and organising it in logical and usable ways. From the dashboard to the product detail pages, everything is laid out carefully so navigating through it could be an enjoyable and intuitive experience.

The overall interface has clean visuals, using line icons and different colour schemes for the normal and Elite versions of the platform.

Dashboard interface
Learn screen design Card design details
Showroom page design Backstage Elite learn ui design Backstage Elite dashboard design
Backstage Elite learn ui design Backstage Elite video & audio page design