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What's Your Beer design for a 4K touchscreen

I worked on the design of a web app for the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore.

The site has two main functionalities: helping customers choose a beer that they would like by using a quiz interface, and showing the details of the beers they have currently in the menu.

Being an experimental brewery they constantly try new recipes and new beers. This site helps customers get to know them better while they are available, even having the possibility of rating them.

The quiz has a drag interface to choose your preferences, and the beers are presented in cards that the user can flip around, revealing a diagram with their specific flavour print.

The designs needed to take into consideration different sizes, from the customer phones that can scan a QR code at the bar to a big 4K touchscreen present in the venue.

Start quiz screen designn
Screen results design for 4K TV
Rate your beer screen in mobile
Beer details popup