La Tequilería Your tequila match

UI design · Prototyping

La Tequilería website design

A website I designed for Diageo that gives the user tequila and tequila cocktail recommendations based on their preferences.

Tequila is a drink that some people relate to low-quality shots at a bar, but Diageo & the Don Julio brand want to position it as something that can be much more than that. This website shows the variety and complexity of the different tequila flavours, inviting to try them in different ways.

Taking clues from some of the great Don Julio imagery, I went with an editorial style that makes use of abstract textures, clean typography and big images.

The quiz is presented as a quick reaction, story-like interface, using closeup images with depth of field that convey a feeling more than a specific element.

Mobile homepage design Mobile design of the quiz start page
Tequila details page design Tequila cocktails screen
Select atmosphere ui design Finding your tequila results
Design of cocktail details page About us page design